About Us


Our Chef

Originally from South Africa, Gary’s catering career spans more than 30 years and started at the prestigious Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. A travel hungry man, drawn to people from different cultures, his career has taken him to South Africa, Namibia, Seychelles, Israel, England, Ireland, Rwanda and more recently Ghana.

A more passionate man you have not met and his love for the African continent sees no boundaries. When questioned on whether he would ever consider headline off to cook outside of the continent, Gary’s simple and concise answer is no.

We have spent a lot of time preparing for this moment, and it gives me no greater pleasure to present the amazing team of pastry chefs, cake makers and artists, to be able to present this incredible product on an international culinary standard. We brought in a Master Pastry and Bakery Consultant for one year, to train our elite confectionary team.
Therefore, we are very proud as Labadi Beach to offer our pastries, breads, cakes, and desserts to all that enjoy a sweet tooth.